Onebusaway for Puget Sound

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810 McCollum Park - University District

Service Alert Text Here

  • Rte 810 to University: Reroute starts at 11:00 AM due to special event. Use KCMetro stops along 15th Ave. NE (south of NE 45th St.) & NE Pacific St.during this time.

    Affected stops:
    (CT Stop #545) E Stevens Wy NE & Memorial Wy NE
    (CT Stop #1533) E Stevens Wy NE & Pend Oreille Rd NE
    (CT Stop #1534) E Stevens WAY NE & Jefferson RD NE
    (CT Stop #3081) W Stevens Way NE & Rainier Vista
    (CT Stop #1906) W Stevens WAY NE & Okanogan LN NE
    (CT Stop #1905) W Stevens WAY NE & George Washington LN NE
  • Please wear a mask

    Masks are required by federal law

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