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Where do the time predictions come from in OneBusAway?

King County Metro

GPS-based tracking system

Pierce Transit

GPS-based tracking system

Other Agencies

Other agencies use time predictions based on schedule data they provide to OneBusAway.

My results show a bunch of colors. What do the colored numbers mean?

  • Green - means the bus is on time
  • Blue - means the bus is late
  • Red - means the bus is early
  • Black - means no real-time info is available (this is the scheduled arrival time)

How do I find or report a lost item?

Contact the agency where you lost or found the item:

How can I provide feedback on OneBusAway information?

We appreciate the feedback. Please send an email to If we need to gather more information, we will contact you directly. Otherwise, due to the volume of feedback, we will not be able to reply individually.

How can I provide feedback on the application?

If you have a question or concern about how the application works on your mobile phone, please contact the developer directly.


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